1. Unzip the extension and make sure you see a folder structure like
    • /app
    • /js
  2. Open your ftp client, on the left side set extension unzipped folder and on the right side add magento root folder. Select all files from your extension and directly upload it to magento root folder.
  3. For Modules we have folders like step1/ step2/ after unzip. In this case follow the above process, first for step1/ folder and then step2 folder. Make sure to go to step1 and upload all files in magento root and follow the same for step2.


Optional Ensure that you have a current backup of your site if not create one by going into “System->Tools->Backup”. This will be useful incase anything goes wrong, but make sure to do this before uploading the module.


  1. Refresh your compilations via “System->Tools->Compilations” if you have enabled it previously. If disabled leave it as it is.
  2. Clear cache under “System->Cache Management”. Check all options in the list, choose the refresh option from the drop down menu and finally click on submit button.


  1. Now logout of your admin panel and log back in again.