Steps to follow

  • Login with the same credentials you use to access your admin panel and Open System->Magento Connect->Magento Connect Manager


  • Magento will show you difference stages of installation process on one screen and ask you to either to enter a license key or upload extension files. There is no need to clear cache or create backups, this will be done automatically by Magento Connect.


If you have Extension key with you (which you get from magento connect store), paste the Extension key on the field saying “Paste extension key to install” within “Install New Extensions” section, then click “Install” button. If you have the Extension zip with you then select the zip file using the button saying “Upload Zip file” within “Direct package file upload” section and click “Upload” button. Then you will see something like that on the bottom: ** Extension zip will only work if its in package format **


If you see the output inside the Black screen same as shown in screenshot then your Module is successfully installed. But if you get some error or find any text in RED color, then there is some error. You need to resolve the issue first or contact our support.
Incase of error you need to remove maintenance.flag file from your Magento Root Directory else your Magento will stop working. After resolving the issue you can reinstall your module.