This method of Magento 2.x extension installation has two main steps:

Uploading The Extension

The First thing you need to do when installing a Magento Extension via FTP is to unzip the downloaded module package and upload it to Magento Root Directory.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Unzip the extension and make sure your folder structure looks like:
    • /app
  2. Open your ftp client and on the left side, set your extension unzipped directory. On the right side put your magento root folder. Select all files from your extension and directly upload it to magento root.
  3. You might see that the root folder also contains the folder with name app so you might be asked to merge the extension folder. Make sure that all the files of the extensions are uploaded on server.

Upload via FTP

Installing The Extension

After, uploading is done, follow these steps on your server terminal:

  1. Run php bin/magento module:enable Excellence_ModuleName Ex: php bin/magento module:enable Excellence_Base
  2. Run php bin/magento setup:upgrade in ssh in folder root of magento 2
  3. Run php bin/magento cache:clean in ssh in folder root of magento 2
  4. Fix the permission of var/ folder (Run chmod -R 777 var/ in ssh in folder root of magento 2)
  5. Now installation is complete.