Some of our Magento Extensions require Excellence_Base module to be installed. If our installed extension doesn't work, you can check if your “Excellence_Base” extension is installed or not.

For that first you need to check whether your Extension requires “Excellence_Base” module or not. Extract the zip that you downloaded from Magento Connect or our Website. After extracting goto the location “app/etc/modules”.

In the extracted folder, check if there is a file by the name “Excellence_Base.xml” or not. If yes, thats mean your Extension requires Excellence_Base module.

Then you can check in your magento root folder, by going to “app/etc/modules” on FTP. Check if “Excellence_Base.xml” is present or not. If yes then check whether this module is Active or not. Open the file "Excellence_Base.xml", you will see something like that:




Then change it to true Save it and upload to FTP.

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