If you are facing some error or your Extension is not working properly then you can also see Magento logs under “system.log/exception.log” files located under “var/log” within Magento Root Directory.

*** expection.log *** will show you falat errors *** system.log *** will show you warning/notices/information.

If you face issue something like below image then you can also check error reported by Magento under “var/report” within Magento Root Directory and the file name under which the error reported should be the value next to “Error Log record number” on screenshot.

NOTE For all these you need to Enable logging on your Magento Store. To do this from Admin just goto “System > Configuration” on Magento Admin after login, then goto “Developer” under “Advanced Tab” on the bottom left. On that page goto “Log Settings” section and check whether Log Settings is Enabled or Not. If not then Enable it from the dropdown and save it using the “Save Config” button on the top right corner.


This will help you to identify the issue.