Checkout Page

  • When a Customer places an order for checkout page, he/she will see an option to verify his mobile number in the last step. The place order button is hidden, instead he see's an option to verify his mobile number.

  • When customers click on the verify button a SMS is sent to his mobile no with a verification code. The customer needs to enter the verification code and once correct code is entered user able to see the place order button.

  • Now after order is placed sucessfully user gets a SMS notification for the same. And he/she will get SMS notification for order updates as well like when order is invoiced, shipped or completed.

Regsitration Page

  • This only works when you have set "Enabled Login/Registration Via Mobile No (yes/no)" to Yes
  • On registration there is an extra Mobile No field which shows up. Once customer submits the verification form he needs to verify his mobile number only then he can create his account.

Login Page

  • This allows customers to login with there mobile no only instead of email password.
  • Customer needs to put his mobile number and verification code generated, and his can login directly.