To set up the Payment Restriction Rule, Login to your Admin Panel, Navigate to Excellence-> Manage Payment Restriction-> Add New Rule

General Tab

Info macro

  • Rule Name This can be any name for your reference
  • Associate to Website Choose on which store you want to apply this rule.
  • Status Set Status to "Yes" if you want to activate this rule

Condition Tab

Info macro

  • Customer Groups Specify Customer Groups to which the restriction should applied.
  • Country/Region/zip Limit use of Payment Method to any Country/Region/Zip.
  • Sub Total/Grand Total You Can Restrict Payment Methods when order is less than/greater than/equal to specific amount.
  • Cart Product Attribute Restrict payment methods based on product attributes in customers cart
  • Product Category Restrict based on product categories in customer cart

Action Tab-

Info macro

  • Remove Payment Methods Select Payment Methods to hide if conditions are satisfied in the rule