Step 2: SMS Configuration

  • Go to System-> Configuration-> Excellence SMS -> SMS Settings and select your country from the list. Save configuration so your country code is stored in database. This is important for further operations.

  • Go to System-> Configuration-> Excellence SMS -> SMS Settings and click on Test Module Button, popup should open.

  • Enter the Number which is Plivo verified if you have a test account or,
  • Enter any valid phone number if you have a paid twilio account.
  • When you click on submit, you should get an SMS which means that twilio is successfully configured

Make sure your Number is not under DND services If you have a popup blocker enabled, allow popup's to show up

  • Next, once you get SMS go to Advance Settings, Enable the module to Yes. Now you should mobile number verification should be active on checkout page.

  • Next, in the setting "Only Work For Payment Methods". Select the payment method's you want SMS verification to work for. If all payment methods select all payment methods.

  • Next, if you want customers to be able to login with there mobile numbers select Enable/Disable Registration via Mobile Number to Yes. This will add a Mobile No option in registration and login pages.

  • Next, you have different settings like "Enable Order Update Notification To Customer" , "Enable Order Update Notification To Admin", "Enable Order Comments Notification To Customer" which you can turn on as per you requirements.