Step 1: Twilio API Key, API Token And SMS Sender

Once you have installed the extension, go to System Configuration -> Excellence -> Twilio

Here we need to put in api key, token and sms sender.

  • You can generate Twilio Api Key and Api Token by creating Twilio Account. Visit or if you already have an account just login into your account.

  • After login open Console Dashboard page. There you will see the Account SID and Auth Token. Copy/Paste those values in System -> Configuration -> Excellence -> Twilio -> Twilio Settings

  • On the same page, you can see ‘#’ on the left menu. Just click on that and you will be redirected to Phone Numbers page. On that page you can see one button (Get your first Twilio Number). Click on the Button to open a pop up, saying ( Choose your Number ). Click on your suitable number and it will be set as your Sender Number.

  • Put your Sender Number under Admin -> System -> Configuration -> Excellence -> Twilio -> Twilio Settings and then save the Configuration. Make Sure Not To Put + in system configuration

Info macro

Info macro