First login to your admin panel and Navigate to Excellence->GeoIp Configuration

Info macro

And fill the following form fields-

Info macro

Geoip Basic settings

  • Enable Geoip Store Switcher- Setup "Yes" in this field to enable this extension.

Geoip Advance Settings

  • Apply Redirect To - Choose which URL's you want to redirect and select appropriate option in the drop down. There are 4 dropdown options.
  • All URLs- Means User should be able to switch the store on All URLs.
  • Only Home Page- User can switch the URL at home page only.
  • Specified URLs- Here, you can specify the url, where only user can swicth store. Need to enter only the key like for eg, if it's like-, need to enter till gear/fitness-equipment.html, i.e. whatever is given after base url.
  • Except Specified URLs- Specify the urls here in the same above format.
  • Restriction by IP- Here specify IPs to be restricted (e.g. Enter Each IP on a separate line. Store will not be automatically switched on these IPs.
  • Redirect for All Visits- You can redirect all urls, by default set to 'No', but if set to 'Yes', then user will not be able to change store.

Geoip Country to Store Mapping

Here, you will be able to see the details of previously selected store view and country by users.

Note- After saving configuration, ensure to Map the currency with store to make it working. Proceed Further to know how to do it.