To Set up the Configuration, Login to your Admin Panel, Navigate to Excellence->Gift Wrap->Configuration

Info macro

Info macro

Gift Wrap View Settings

  • Enable Gift Wrap(Yes/No)- Set Status to "Yes" if you want to activate this Gift Wrap And if set to "No" then Gift Wrap option will not get displayed on checkout page

Default Gift Wrap Settings

This Gift Wrap Setting will get displayed when there is no Gift Wrap or is disabled in Manage Gift Wrappers

  • Label- Enter Name of Gift Wrap
  • Image- Upload small size image to display as Gift Wrap this will get displayed when there is no image uploaded on "Manage Gift Wrappers",you can also delete Image if required

Cost Calculation Setting

  • Gift Wrap Cost(Per Gift Wrap/Per Order)- Gift Wrap Cost will be charged according to selected option
  • Price- Sets Price for Gift Wrap which will be applied when "per order" is selected in configuration Page

Gift Wrap Implementation - With this module, different gift wrappers as well as message can be used for different quantities of same product in cart Like For Eg, Customer added common product in the cart with different quantities, then he will be able to allot individual gift wrap to each product with different message.

Click Save config button to save Gift Wrap