To Add new profile Login to your admin panel and navigate to Excellence->Order Export->Profile and click on Add New Profile button.

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Now, fill these parameters as explained below with screenshots.

Configuration tab, Specifications -

  • File Name - Just name with no extension. Will be used both for file saved to local folder and for one uploaded via FTP.
  • File Type - Choose the format of the file you want to export orders to.

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Filters tab, specifications-

  • Export from Store View- Export order for a specific Store.
  • Start with order #- Specify the export filters according to order numbers. Like If here you specified number "10" then your exported data starts from "10... so on."
  • Order Status - You can specify either all order related fileds like processing, pending, complete, cancel etc or indicate specific ones.
  • Customer Group - Filter Export order for a specific customer group, if Yes, else for all customers keep it No.

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File Template tab, specifications- *Fields to Show- Specify the fields, you want in the exported file. Click on "Select All" button to choose all, Click on "Deselect All" button to deselect selected fields.

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Output tab, specifications-

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Storage Setting-

*File Directory- Absolute Path or relative to Magento install root, ex- "Var/export/". Please make sure that this directory exists and is writeable.

Google Drive Configuration-

*Upload On Google Drive- If set to "Yes", another field will come up named Use Seperate Directory for The Profile , Set it to "Yes" to upload it on google drive, if it's set to "NO" exported files will be saved on root folder of Google Drive.

FTP/SFTP Setting-

Upload by FTP- Configure FTP or SFTP if you'd like to upload exported files to server. If set YES, fill the following parameters-

Host- Enter the HOST URL. This would be the IP Address or Hostname of the FTP server where files would be transferred.

FTP Port- Now, enter the port number of the FTP server, else leave empty.

FTP login/Password- Enter the username and password of FTP server (where the data needs to be transferred).

File Directory (FTP)- Absolute Path or relative to Magento install root, ex- "Var/export/". Please make sure that this directory exists and is writeable.

Otherwise, Set it as NO

Use SFTP- If set as YES, Login to your SFTP account and give details like, Host Name., else set it as NO.

Delete Local File after FTP Upload- Choose the action from yes/no dropdown.

##Email Setting- *Send Exported File to Email- If YES, provide the Email address under Email Recepient field to which exported orders should be sent, else set it as NO.

##Cron- *Auto Execute Profile- If you want to automatically generate the order exported file Set this option as YES, specify the time from given timeslots in the dropdown, else choose custom option if you want to put time as per your preference , enter the time in minutes. Else, Set it to NO.

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After this, Click on Save Profile button and you will get back to the page like here.

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Now, there are 3 options to generate your saved profile.You can choose either.

First, from the grid page itself, click on Run All Profiles button given on the top, all the saved profiles will be generated at once.

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Second, From the grid page, Click on Edit button it will show, and select generate option.

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Third, open your saved profile, and click on Generate button.

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You are all set to get your exported file. Proceed futher to learn about Google Drive Setup.