To Set up the Payment Restriction Rule, Login to your Admin Panel, Navigate to Excellence->Payment Restriction->All Rules-> Add New PaymentRestriction.

General Tab

Info macro

  • Rule Name This can be any name for your reference
  • Associate to Website Choose on which store you want to apply this rule.
  • Status Set Status to "Yes" if you want to activate this rule

Condition Tab

Info macro

  • Customer Groups Specify Customer Groups to which the restriction should applied.
  • Country/Region/zip Limit use of Payment Method to any Country/Region/Zip.
  • Sub Total/Grand Total You Can Restrict Payment Methods when order is less than/greater than/equal to specific amount.
  • Cart Product Attribute Restrict payment methods based on product attributes in customers cart
  • Product Category Restrict based on product categories in customer cart

Action Tab

Info macro

Apply Payment Restriction Select Payment Methods to hide if conditions are satisfied in the rule and Click Save PaymentRestriction button to save your rule.