Step 2: SMS Configuration

  • Go to System-> Configuration-> Excellence SMS -> SMS Settings and select your country from the list. Save configuration so your country code is stored in database. This is important for further operations. Info macro
  • Go to System-> Configuration-> Excellence SMS -> SMS Settings and click on Test Module Button, popup should open. Info macro
  • Enter the Number which is Twilio verified if you have a test account or,
  • Enter any valid phone number if you have a paid twilio account.
  • When you click on Send Test SMS, you should get an SMS which means that twilio is successfully configured

Make sure your Number is not under DND services If you have a popup blocker enabled, allow popup's to show up

  • Next, once you get SMS go to Advance Settings, Enable the module to Yes. Now mobile number verification should be active on checkout page.

  • Next, if you want customers to be able to login with there mobile numbers select Enable/Disable Registration via Mobile Number to Yes. This will add a Mobile No option in registration and login pages

  • Next, you have different settings like "Enable Place/Order Update Notification To Customer" , "Enable Order Update Notification To Admin", "Enable Order Comments Notification To Customer" which you can turn on as per you requirements and atlast after you are done with all the changes click on Save Config button to save your changes.

Info macro