First step is to configure your slack app.


Login to your admin panel.

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Navigate to Stores->Configuration->Excellence->Slack->Slack Setting.

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Next step is to create your slack app and generate your own client ID and Secret Key using this link

After you open this link, click on "Create New App".

Fill all the basic details like your app name, team name,short description, logo. You do not need to check "I plan to submit this app to the Slack Directory", keep this unchecked.

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After this go to "OAuth & Permissions" section and put in the redirect url. Redict url will of format {Yourstoreurl}/index.php/slack/index/index . If your store domain is, then the redirect url should be It's important that you put correct redirect url's here, or the process to add slack to your store will fail. If you don't use index.php in your frontend url's the redirect url should be


After doing above steps go to "Basic Information" and you will be able to get your Client ID and Secret key. You can copy/paste this in the client ID, Secret key section in your Magento store at Admin->System Configuration->Slack->Slack settings.

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Next its important to click "Save Config" button and save your system configuration. Once the page reloads you should see a "Add to Slack" button. Click on that button and it will open a popup asking your authorization to connect your slack to magento store.

On the "Post to" drop down select any channel from the list. The channel selected is not important, it is just to confirm your slack integration with magento.

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Next click on the "Authorize" button, this should start the authorization process. Wait for 2-3sec for this to complete and the popup should automatically close. If the popup doesn't close automatically it means there is some problem with redirect URL setting described above

Now you should be able to see two new button in your system configuration.

  • Start Setup Wizard
  • Revoke Authorization

Revoke Authorization is used to disconnect slack from magento


Click on the "Start Setup Wizard" button to start the processing of configuration.