Setup wizard is used mainly to configure which order goes into which channel in slack.

Basically to allow smooth order management, we provide a feature in which you can assign different order states to different slack channel, or if require create each order as new slack channel.

When you open the setup wizard, you will be able to see various order status like (cancelled, closed,complete,processing etc). These are order states already configured in your store. You can assign now which order status you want to show up in slack channel. If you have added any new slack channel's you can click on the refresh button to update the channel list

On the same page, below you get to see a checkbox "Create channel for every order in slack". You can select this checkbox if wish to create new channel for every order placed on slack.

Click on "Complete Setup Wizard", after doing the settings.

Info macro

Note: If you directly go to Excellence->Slack->Setup wizard slack, you will get an validation message to complete authorization first.

When setup is completed, if you go to System Configuration slack setting, you should see "Setup Done" to Yes.

Now slack is fully configured and orders should start showing up on your slack.