This first step to setting up banners on your website is to configure your slider.

To Configure slider, complete all the slider settings fields as shown below and you are good to go.

Info macro

To Configure slide, just follow the following simple steps-

Login to your Admin panel- Navigate to Excellence- Manage slider pages-Click on "Add New Slider" button- And- fill up the form-

Slider Name This can be any name which you use to identify the slider.

Store View Choose on which store you want this slider to show up, if you are not sure about this option, just select "All Store view".

Show slider on Choose the page from dropdown where you want to set up your slider. You can choose various cms pages, product pages, category page, etc.

Specify slider position Choose the position where you want to locate your slider. You can choose top center, top bottom etc.

Finally set Status to Yes to Enable this slider and save your changes.