To Configure the shipping method in this extension follow the below steps:

  • Login to your Admin Panel
  • Navigate to Excellence->Storepickup Configuration

Info macro

  • Enabled Keep the dropdown of "Enabled" to "Yes"
  • Price Enter "Price" which you would like to give your Shipping method.
  • Method Name This can be any name by which your shipping method will be identified.
  • Title Enter the "Title" to what you would like to state on the front end of your site, for example- "Excellence StorePickup".
  • Calculate Handling Fee/Handling Fee Apply a "Handling Fee" if neccessary, if not leave blank. If applied you can choose to calculate it by "Fixed" or "Percent" dropdown.
  • Display Error Message Show an error message in case of unexpected error
  • Ship to Applicable Countries You can choose to allow your shipping methods to "All Allowed Countries" or "Specific Countries".
  • Ship to Specific Countries If for the above you go for "Specific Countries", then this filed enables to highlight them from the list of countries in the drop down.

Click on the Save Config button.