Info macro

This is how activities are shown on Trello Board. There are three list created namely Order Pending, Order Processing, Order Complete, Order Cancel and Order Close.

Different order details are shown on list in the form of card depending on the order status in Magento. Colourful labels on cards are shown if some order has specific attributes that are specified in the conditions tab of Trello rules.

Features Full List

  • Easy to install and manage.
  • Enabling/Disabling Feature of extension.
  • Create Card on almost every important events in Magento.
  • Can create coloured Labels on Trello Card for specified Members depending on the Rules specified.
  • You can create as many Rules as you want and can enable/disable Rules.
  • You can enable/disable Trello comments to get updated in Magento.
  • You can Notify Customers for Trello comments by Email also.
  • You can log Trello activities in Magento Log.