We also provide you with rules for more fine grained control over how orders show up in your trello board.

You can access this from admin top menu Excellence -> Trello -> Trello Rules

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Rules Information

Rule Name Specify any rule name as per you preference. This field is only for your reference. Status You can set status here if rule is enabled or disabled


In this section we can configure various different conditions for rules based on order attributes like customer details, order details, payment methods etc

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Select Labels Here you will see the labels which are configured in your trello board. Any labels selected here will be automatically assign to your trello cards.

Select Members Here you will see list of all members in your trello board. You can select members here and order cards will be automatically assign to them

Select List Here you will see your trello board's lists. Order card will be added to list selected from here

Priority Since multiple rules can match a particular order, only the rule with hightest priority will run

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Many times after you have setup these rules, you might add labels, members, etc in your trello board. Once any new updates are done in your trello board they won't be updated automatically in magento. You need to click on refresh button on top to update magento with your latest trello information